What You Can Do

The most important action you can take is to contact your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor the two bills. Bipartisan support is key to moving these bills forward. Click here to look up contact information for your Senators. Below is a sample e-mail that you can customize and send to your Senators.

Sample Email

Dear Senator,

I’m writing to ask you to co-sponsor one or both of two bills recently introduced by Senator Sanders, S. 2909 and S. 2914. These pieces of legislation could greatly increase the number of employee-owned companies in the U.S. As you probably know, employee ownership preserves local ownership of businesses, provides a means for working people to share in the wealth created by those businesses, and can significantly boost company performance.

In my experience, employee ownership has… [tell a little of your story]

The first of Sen. Sanders’ bills is S. 2909, the WORK (Worker Ownership Readiness and Knowledge) Act “to provide State programs to encourage employee ownership and participation in business decisionmaking throughout the United States.” It would provide funding to existing statewide programs that promote employee ownership, and would help establish new programs. Based on the experience of the two statewide programs that are now up and running, in Vermont and Ohio, this bill is very likely to spur a significant increase in the number and quality of employee-owned companies. And it would do so for relatively little money.

The second bill is S. 2914, which would create a U.S. Employee Ownership Bank. This is a more ambitious effort, obviously, but would create an important new financing tool for EO deals. It would provide direct loans and also loan guarantees for employee ownership transactions.

Please consider becoming a co-sponsor of both or either of these bills. Your support could greatly increase their chances of passage. Please contact Warren Gunnels in Senator Sanders’ office at 202-228-6358.


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