The following organizations are actively supporting these two pieces of legislation:

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We are, needless to say, excited that Senator Sanders and three colleagues have put forward these two bills. S.2909 seeks to expand programs that several states have established to help business owners create employee-owned companies. S.2914 is a bold new approach proposing, for the first time, a Federal loan guarantee program to save jobs in certain situations when the result of the financing would be a company owned 50% or more by the employees.”J. Michael Keeling, president of The ESOP Association

NCEO research on the programs in the late 1980s showed that they increased the incidence of employee ownership plans in the states by about 20% to 33% above what would have otherwise been the case. I have long believed that these kinds of programs are the most cost-effective way to move employee ownership forward given the existing tax benefits the plans already have.” — Corey Rosen, Executive Director of the National Center for Employee Ownership

Through provision of technical support for ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans) and worker cooperatives, employee ownership centers in Vermont and Ohio have made a tremendous impact in creating and saving jobs. Targeted, expert support like this is needed in every state, and the broad impact of employee-ownership centers more than justifies the modest funding required to establish them.” — U.S. Federation for Worker Cooperatives

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